Covid-19 Changes

Due to the Covid-19 Glenn had stopped doing taxes from the office back in March 2020. We basically gave our clients the option as shown below:

  1. Email copies of all tax documents to the office email at and Glenn would do the taxes electronically then contact the client to confirm everything was in order.

  2. Schedule an office appointment and Glenn would converse by land line while preparing the return remotely on the office computer while the client could view the work just like he was present.

  3. Drop off the tax documents to the office and Glenn would do them electronically and contact the client afterward to confirm and get authorization to transmit.

It turned out that we were able to complete this year successfully in spite of Covid-19. Many of our clients were happy with the changes except for those who are technology illiterate.

Presently our plans for 2021 will stay in line with 2020, we offer the same options as above but may choose to meet with clients at least 2 days per week in the office, face-mask to face-mask.

Elizabeth clients were able to continue to meet with her in the office on a regular basis

We also ask all clients to contact Glenn directly by cell or text at (305) 525-5580 if you have any questions or concerns.

Let's stay safe,

Glenn O. Wells, EA

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